dkNET Academy

Welcome to a new collaboration between thesugarscience and dkNET! 

Presenting innovative events and tools for T1D scientists and researchers.


dkNET Academy is a collaboration between and which will provide engaging content and training on the vast collection of dkNET tools.

dkNET is a search portal that helps scientists find resources relevant to their research.  The site is rigorously updated with tools and services that will support robust and reproducible science, all while helping users stay up to date and compliant with fast approaching FAIR data and NIH open science mandates.


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Register by October 1 2022

The D Challenge

dkNET and thesugarscience have joined forces to sponsor the D-Challenge, with cash prizes for diabetes researchers employing dkNET tools.

Beginning with the end in mind, the D-Challenge is a global, focused, scientific movement  designed to catalyze innovation and accelerate the science of Type 1 Diabetes towards cure.  This is a collaborative bioinformatics challenge powered by dkNET and its partners.



Bootcamps are engaging and comprehensive webinars covering a range of topics focused on how to use dkNET tools.  Learn more about each by selecting a topic below:

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Off The Record

Off the Record events are invitation only, topical, high level, private conversations on topics centered on Type 1 Diabetes and adjacent fields.

Check out who has participated and a topline of topics discussed.

Would you like to participate in an Off the Record conversation? Apply to be included as a participant in an upcoming event. Space is limited, so apply early if you would like to take part in the discussion. Join the room with elite thought leaders in industry and academia.



Get in on the conversation!

Clubhouse conversations are a great way for engaging, early career scientists to share their ideas, discuss their work, and make connections in a global community.  Download Clubhouse from the Apple App store, and follow thesugarscience for events. 

Previous Clubhouse events:

Bioinformatics for diabetes and AI, hosted by thesugarscience, Leonardo Ferreira PhD, and Designer Immunology.

dkNET shows off its tools including the new Hypothesis Center.  Hosted by the Life Science & Biotech Group and thesugarscience.

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dkNET In Action

Intern Diaries

thesugarscience follows a dkNET intern as he navigates dkNET tools during his summer laboratory experience.

dkNET Paper of The Week

Read the most recent and best papers related to dkNET tools and resources each week.


Lunch and Learn

Got lunch?  Are you using dkNET tools in your lab?  Tell us about your lab and submit a 1 minute video showing how you use dkNETtools. If you win, dkNET Academy buys your lab lunch and shares your experience on thesugarscience YouTube channel. 

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