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dkNET Paper of The Week

Paper of the Week

Paper #1:  Built with dkNET tools:  Reckoning the Dearth of Bioinformatics in the Arena of Diabetic Nephropathy (DN) - Need to Improvise.

by:  Jae-Wook Oh, Manikandan Muthu, Steve W. Haga, Vimala Anthonydhason, Piby Paul, and Sechul Chun

From the abstract:  "...The advances made in the area of DN [Diabetic Nephropathy] using proteomic approaches are presented.  Compared to the enumerable inputs observed through the use of bioinformatics resources in the area of proteomics and even diabetes, the existing scenario of skeletal application of bioinformatics advances to DN is highlighted and the reasons behind this discussed...Almost none of the well-established tools that have brought breakthroughs in proteomic research have been applied into DN.  Laborious, voluminous, cost expensive and time-consuming methodologies and advances in diagnostics and biomarker discovery promised through beckoning bioinformatics mechanistic approaches to improvise DN research and achieve breakthroughs.  This review is expected to sensitize the researchers to fill in this gap, exploiting the available inputs from bioinformatics resources.

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