Day in the Life of a dkNET Intern

See dkNET in action as a "Summer of Data" lab intern shares real lab experience working with the full range of dkNET tools

Meet the Intern

Alex Parrott, Virginia Tech '23

Experience dkNET tools in action in our "Day in the Life on an Intern" series.  Meet Alex Parrott, a rising Junior at Virginia Tech majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Biomedical Engineering.  Alex will be participating in the dkNET summer of data internship program while he works in the lab of Dr. Xiaoting Jia.

Alex's summer work will involve research in Multifunction, Flexible Fibers for in vivo biosensing.  

Alex’s research interest is in using his electrical engineering background to develop more advanced closed loop systems to treat diabetes and other biomedical devices pertaining to diabetes. Alex’s summer research is continuing the lab’s development into biosensing and researching biosensing in application to diabetes. As his research progresses, he plans to use many of the dkNET tools such as the Discovery Portal and Resource Reports, to determine different biomarkers to target for sensing.


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Day 1:  Introduces Alex and his dkNET experience.

The Summer of Data Internship begins.  Alex is introduced to all the dkNET tools and learns how they can help him in his research in Bioengineering and Biosensing.

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Day 2: 

The program focuses on the importance of rigor and reproducibility in data, how to objectively approach analyzing your data, and how can help in your research.

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Day 3: 

The interns learn about the power of the Hypothesis Center and why the Signaling Pathways Project can help them in their work.

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Day 4: 

Presentations and discussions on the importance of FAIR Data-creating work that is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reproducible all within the context of the future of Open Science.

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Day 5: 

The interns learn about how to keep their data organized and well managed for future use, and how there are data standards particular to various fields of study.